My Intro: Student Trying To Break Away From Nightclubs and Into Wall Street


My name is Chris. I am currently in my last semester at the wonderful University of Nevada, Las Vegas. We out here like to refer to it as the Harvard of the desert. I am part of the UNLV investment group where selected students get to manage a small fund. This investment group is actually a yearlong class. My position is sector analyst for the basic materials and industrials sectors. As student analyst we have to research, analyze and present stocks throughout the class to buy and sell. We use both technical and fundamental analysis in our group.

I'm a 2014 Level I Candidate in the Chartered Financial Analyst Program, and will pursue the CAIA charter program.

I am looking forward to moving to NYC this december and pursing a career on wall street.

Thank you for taking the time to read my introduction.

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Sep 30,2014


I'd suggest adapting your resume to the WSO Student IB Template, which can be found here -


1) Theres no real point in referring to yourself as a Level I candidate, anyone can take the exam and refer to themselves as such. If you want that to be known bring it up in conversation.
2) Either kill the skills section or put them all on 1 row at the bottom, otherwise your just wasting space.

If you want further critique of your resume there is a forum to do so and there is plenty of other info on the boards.

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Sep 30,2014