Navy or Dark Blue suit

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Hi everyone,

I did do a quick search but nothing came up - I'm interning at a BB in London this Summer and wanted some advice on suits. I currently have a charcoal and a really dark navy suit.

But the navy suit is so dark it looks black to me.. something like this (not the same style though, just colour)
Now I need to get one more suit and was wondering if I should get a lighter navy or dark blue suit? Like this colour
Is the dark navy suit acceptable? Or should I go for a dark blue one? or both??

Also can anyone recommend a good tailor in London?


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Apr 30, 2012

that model looks like my bro Shia

Apr 30, 2012

You may think it looks like black but if you put it up against a black suit you'll easily tell the difference.

Apr 30, 2012

think "conservative american".. so either a red/white/navy blue suit..

Apr 30, 2012

you need no more than 2 buttons

May 1, 2012