Hi everyone. I work at IT department in a major IB, with Math and Stat background, and wanted to change path to research analyst. Was thinking about writing an initiation report to learn the skills and use that as a work sample for the job hunting. No access to Capital IQ and Bloomberg. Would anyone has some good template or any suggestions to find one? Do I have to do a subscription so as to get information/data for writing a research report?

Thanks in advance to everyone for your help!

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Are you in IT in the traditional sense of fixing and supporting IT issues or a developer that is one associates with building and creating Softwares, etc..?
Why do you wana move to research?

You can gather all the data from annual reports etc.. depends on your sector and what are you trying to model? REITs for example you can do NAV and Earnings, very simple.

Financial Modeling


Thanks for the suggestion.

I'm doing data analytics & visualization, at an internal consulting team. The job is good itself, a lot of exposure to different business of the bank, new challenges keep coming. After 1 year's exposure to different business lines at the bank, I founded that I'm very interested in fundamental analysis, as well as understanding the economy. And I guess I'm in nature a research guy. That's the motivation.

I've taken some Wall Street Prep course. It teaches the technical perspectives of building model, and I can mechanically build the models. The bottleneck is I don't know how to understand/fine tune the assumptions, interpret the output of the models, and find the key driver of the business. Facing a 100 page long financial statement, I'm just not sure how to start and "connect the dots". Would you have any recommendations/suggestions on that?

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