Need advice on what internship to take this coming summer, after my junior year.

Hi all,

I have two offers for an intern position this summer, with the intent to go into full time recruiting next fall during my senior year. I'm at a semi-target school.

  1. Risk Advisory intern for a a consulting firm in NYC
  • more structured internship program
  1. Portfolio management intern for a local but proven firm.
  • no formal internship program, but easier and cheaper since I'd be staying at home.

If I wanted to get into consulting, I'm assuming interning for the risk advisory firm would be the best option. Would interning for a portfolio management firm negatively impact my ability to get consulting interviews next year? I did finance after sophomore year as well.

Also, what types of jobs would interning at a portfolio managing company help me prepare for / get interviews for? Just portfolio management? I fully intend to read and study this summer build my financial and business acumen.

If you were in my position, what offer would you take based on your future goals, and why?
I intend to make this decision on my own, it would just be nice to learn what I would be setting myself up for.

United States - Northeast

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Apr 8, 2019

If you're cheating on your wife, and you can't tell which woman you love more, always choose the second one.

Because if the first one was enough, you wouldn't need the second.

Kind of corny, but think of that saying in your decision process. You want to do consulting, so obviously a consulting internship seems appropriate... but if you're doubting yourself, maybe the portfolio management internship is more satisfactory to your needs.

Have you ever thought of investing in real estate?

Apr 8, 2019