need advice, sorta got screwed by my advisor

hey WSOers, i need your advice

I got an internship in commercial banking at a regional. This regional has a corporate financial division, which is where I was aiming to go when I started my internship search.

I didn't really have a grasp on the responsibilities of each level of banking when i first started. I came from an accounting background and I got the offer so early that I was relying on my advisor to guide me towards my goal. She was formerly an IB recruiter for JPMorgan so I trusted her opinion. So I signed the offer

I JUST realized that commercial banking is essentially retail banking for middle market companies. This is NOT what I wanted, and I'm SUPER F*CKING PISSED that my advisor would knowingly misguide me when she knew I wanted to go after a much larger position like within the DCM for example.

But I can't do anything now b/c it's too late to pursue corporate finance w/ a bank so I need advice going forward. How should I pursue this regional's corporate finance division while interning for commercial banking?

I'm super annoyed. I should never have strayed away from WSO