Need Advice! Spring Internship After Graduation

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I really want to work in Investment banking in New York and am very passionate about finance. However, I have never had an investment banking analyst internship. I have had two other internships in accounting and sales. Because of some personal health issues, I have to spend another semester at school and am graduating late in December 2019. I am currently enrolled in Wall Street Prep and doing the Invest Like the Street Analyst program. I have read that its nearly impossible to attain a full-time IB analyst position after graduation without having previous IB experience. Are there any banks that would allow me to do an IB internship in the spring after I graduate? Should I get a finance internship in the spring after I graduate and then apply for a summer IB internship? Will banks even let me do an internship after I graduate? Should I just go for it and apply for a full-time IB analyst position after I graduate? Do any banks even hire people in December/January? Sorry, I have a lot of questions I just really want to go into investment banking and I have no idea how to get there.

So essentially should I try to get a spring internship and then a summer internship and then apply for a full-time analyst position? OR should I just go for it an apply right after I graduate in December?

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May 16, 2019

Can someone please answer this. I need help

May 18, 2019


May 18, 2019

I'm sure it's possible to put all feelers out there and see what the feedback you get is. Why not apply for both spring and summer internships and full-time roles also?

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May 18, 2019

I agree with all this as well... literally get a spring internship and recruit for summer at the same time to try and land a full-time role.

There are so many threads dedicated your question, just do research and you'll find the answers...

May 20, 2019

Thank you for your response. Do you think that banks would be willing to give a spring internship to someone who has already graduated?

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May 20, 2019

Of course. I worked with a recent grad last summer who was about 4 months out of undergrad. He was an unpaid intern but still got the exp

May 18, 2019

It's going to be very difficult, but if you tap into your school's alumni base and network like it's your full-time job and you have a good story I think you can gain some traction. Keep in mind that you should have a 3.5+ GPA and try to spin your past internships into relevant experiences that can be translated into common IB skills. Regardless you can always lateral later on to an IB or go back and do your MBA at a T20 if you're really dead set on IB

May 19, 2019