Need Help Choosing Between 2 Courses

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I am currently choosing courses to enroll in for my MS Finance program. I am somewhat uncertain about which course to choose. I want to know whether one course has more of a practical use/ would appeal more to employers. I included both courses below with their description.

As a side note my main interests are in Investment Banking and Private Equity, but I also believe Corporate Finance is interesting hence my confusion.

Any information and or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Data Analysis for Investments:
The objective of this course is to obtain an in-depth understanding of some of the major empirical issues in investments. Based on recent research articles and cases, students are required to learn the facts, theories and the associated statistical tools to analyze financial data. The topics for this course include models of stock returns, Bayesian and shrinkage estimations for expected returns and covariances, multifactor asset pricing models, GARCH models, principal components, asset allocation, stock screening, predictability, performance evaluation, anomalies, limits to arbitrage and behavioral finance.

**Valuing Strategic Corporate Investments:
**The objective is to obtain both an in-depth understanding of the real option theory and the associated implementation skills in real-world applications. The theoretical tools are binomial models and Monte Carlo simulations. The application topics cover all types of typical real options, cases of leasing, R&D, take-over, market expansion, growth values, dot-coms, staged investments, multiple project uncertainties, ranging from standard European and American options to compound and rainbow options

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Jul 13, 2018