Need help deciding between two offers / Corporate Banking vs. Securities

I really need help deciding between two offers, and I hope some of you can assist.

I am an experienced hire (from consulting), and have been offered the following:

  • Analyst in Corporate Banking, Citigroup. 85k base
  • Associate in Securities Services, JPMorgan. 110k base  

Besides the base, CB pays a bonus of approx. 20-30%, while bonus at SS is closer to 5-10%.

Regarding hours, CB is 60-70 hrs, while SS is 40.

CB has the Analyst class training in London/New York.

CB has the best high finance exit opps. (CorpDev/IBD), while SS will have the best exits to the industry/Consulting, due to the higher title. Besides, SS is located in Corporate and Investment Banking, which means I can tailor my resume to most finance jobs anyway, and might even place better in Corporate Finance.

Am I foolish if I take the lower ranked role? Is it clever to take the better paying job, although the TC will likely be similar.

My longterm career goals are uncertain, and might as well be within MBB consulting, which is easier to exit to as an Associate/VP, or CorpDev.

If I take the CB role, I will still be an Associate in 5 years, while I could alternatively be an Associate right now in SS, and a VP in that time.


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Jan 11, 2022 - 2:32pm

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