need help deciding which path?

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Hello everyone, I apologize if I am asking something that has already been addressed. I have read some threads but looking to get more insight.

I graduated last year with a bachelors in accounting with around a 3.5 overall and major gpa. I worked in tax and audit but realized it wasn't something I exactly wanted to spend too much time in. So I am working still after 9 months as an intern (because they want me to complete 150 before they offer full-time). I have always had real estate on my mind so I am not just making an irrational decision because I hate my job. My goal was eventually to acquire enough capital and start buying real estate investment properties, either rent or develop them into businesses. This is something my father and grandfather have done, (buy properties with investors, develop them into a business, then move on to the next thing). While this is just called being an entrepreneur. I want to find a field in real estate that would give me the most transferable skills for this type of endeavor and would allow me gain some skills and expand my network in the process as well. Most importantly, gaining the capital I need to start up on my own is also important. I am not sure what I should be trying to pursue though, so here is somethings about me:

1 year of tax experience for personal and partnerships/business (internship), some governmental auditing.


2 years of experience with automation as a sub project leader, I know how to do both residential/commercial electrical jobs. I also know how to real electrical and builder schematics (blueprints). Not exactly related, but it has some ties.

Successfully started a business on the side that is growing steadily.

Will be sitting for sales license for my state in the next few months

Did some RE financial modeling on my own that I made in excel, I had a man I know in CRE review it, he said it was pretty impressive and something I should include when applying since I have no RE experience.

I have networked with a lot of people in the last month in CRE and have pretty good chances of landing interviews in those firms. They were all in CRE sales. I just don't know what I should be applying for. From what I understand, acquisitions/sales would be ideal initially, then try to move into development. I could also consider doing a MSc in RE but I am thinking an MBA with RE focus after I get some job exp would be ideal. Just want to hear some opinions...I apologize for the ignorance. Thank you.