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I am currently doing a Master of Science in Engineering (1st year) in a US univ ~ top 15 with a fellowship, west coast, i have a GPA ~ 3.9 mostly from math type classes..

The univ doesnt have a great B school (not even in any tier) that puts me trouble :(, I would like to know

  1. Is it possible to get hired in any role in Strat consulting companies such as McK, Bain, BAH etc. (forgive me these r all the names i know). I dont mind being given the same role as BS kids :)
  2. McK is the only Start consulting comapny on campus, So I guess i have to fill out the online forms, I need some advice (and hope), tips etc on wat i shd do to land a job.

My ultimate goal is to attend B school and after that i dont know

Looking forward to some advice


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Jan 17, 2007

any knowledgeble kind soul out there?

Jan 20, 2007


Jan 20, 2007


Jan 22, 2007