I am co-founder of a tech startup. We are currently looking to raise a seed amount.
We have recently released the beta version and have received good reviews and press coverage ( Mashable etc)

Our problem is that we are located outside US and so fund raising is not so easy. I wanted to know if there are firms which can pitch on our behalf ( on a % commission basis) in the US ?

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Where are you headquartered?

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Trust me it's not much easier inside the US

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Would crowd funding/investing be an option for you? Most developed countries have several active platforms with volumes starting at 50k and up to at times 200k per round (USD/EUR). A few examples:

U.S. / global
- kickstarter and many more

- crowdaboutnow

- companisto
- seedmatch
- fundsters
- innovestment

Several more mentioned here: http://www.ibusinessangel.com/2012/03/crowdfunding...


Nobody will pitch "on your behalf" unless you hire someone that is US based. Even then, VC's/angels/incubators will want to see the CEO/founders present. However, I do believe many VCs/angels would be willing to setup a call with a firm not based in the US as long as the opportunity/business is interesting.

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