Need some advice - Art History Grad/ debating on grad school

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I posted a month ago.
So I've been struggling. I am a recent graduate from a target school. I was an art history major there.
Was part of an investment fund through the business school.

Had many final round internship interviews, didn't secure any and ended up interning last summer at a small boutique firm in Chicago that specialized in ESOP and had a very small m&a group.
Internship was a joke. I was only allowed to work 40 hours a week, I was given no responsibility and since my work hours were limited I didn't really get to see much despite trying to work longer hours (boss got yelled at by the cfo for offering me 15 an hour)

Despite getting a full time offer, ESOP and the firm culture didn't interest me and I went into my senior year trying to recruit. FT recruiting was not existent on my campus. Thought I was going to interview with one firm, but they ended up hiring over the summer?
Had a final round interview with a middle market firm and they straight up told me that they don't think my internship prepared me, which is kinda true..

After I graduated I ran into some troubles. First few months I recruited small boutiques, but did not succeed. A lot were looking for experienced analysts.
Then I ran into some health issues, got diagnosed with a chronic disease and became super depressed out of it.

Fast forward to now, jobless, applied to a grad school that is a pre business program that basically a back door into a business school. I got accepted, it's one of the top programs in the country and I'm not sure what to do or if it will help me.
Most people get there MBA when they have years of experience, I have none.

I'm not sure if I should still recruit, the program is one class a week.. I'm just getting a bit annoyed with my success rate. I think that often my major is looked down upon when I send my resume in.
I don't have access to my university career center anymore so now I'm just clueless on what to do.

Advice/encouragement and critique would be much appreciated. I am still struggling a bit with the job search. I just think my major is not helping me get into the door and I'm given so much shit for it.
I did major in Econ, but I was stalked for a semester and couldn't complete one of the required classes and I had no choice but to major in my minor art history or stay an extra 3 years.

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Sep 11, 2018

I'm not too qualified to give advice, but if you were my close friend here is what I would say (based on a quick browse of your WSO and Reddit post history): 1) give up on IB (at least temporarily). It's going to be tough to convince a bank to hire someone who got a 3.0 GPA in Art History (who couldn't get past the "theoretical" side of Econ) from presumably a public semi-target after you already graduated (as in, with out any in-school career service help). 2) Find something to do-- if you have a lot of money, then maybe try to get a boutique to let you work for free. If not, find something at least remotely close to finance and settle for that for now. 3) Consider a masters in finance (only if you have the money). Don't go MBA. A diverse background from a good school and a great GMAT could get you into a top program. 4) Talk to a psychologist immediately. You seem to think random people on the internet are equipped to help you overcome your personal problems-- they are not. You seem to have a lot problems and they will not get any better by telling people on Reddit about them.

Sep 11, 2018