Need some advice on job transition

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Hi guys,

First off, great forum and thanks for all the advice.

Basically, I work at a BB in the Corporate Banking Finance group. Essentially, what this means is that this is the group that is the finance support for the Corporate Banking business. I do know that this does involve some modeling, and the training does include a working knowledge of the things the guys in the business do. However, it is not client facing/FO kind of role. A lot of the banks group these guys within the same group, just with different titles.

I'm a recent college graduate, but I guess I'm rethinking this whole gig. It does not seem as demanding as I would like it to be, so I would appreciate any insight or advice as to what you guys think I should do. After reading up on the forum, it seems like it would be better to get out earlier than later.

In an ideal world, I'd like to move into IB, but would like to hear out the options after learning about some of your experiences. Also, I come from a top non-Ivy school.

Thanks again.