Need some advice (recent graduate)

I know these posts are probably very repetitive at this point, but I need some advice.

I graduated in May from a top-50 non-target university with a 3.8 GPA in finance. I have a solid resume that I'd love to share for those interested. Throughout the school year I had interviews just about in every industry but IB. Had a number of interviews at top local FLDPs, one at GS for their AIMS group, and others at boutique consulting shops, tech sales and brokerage shops. Of course, I wouldn't be posting here if any of those interviews had resulted in an offer.

Here's my dilemma: I've been applying for jobs all around in my area and even since COVID as you may be able to imagine the jobs have been harder to come by. I recently was offered a position with a temp agency in the mortgage department of a regional bank in my area, the job pays $22/hr, but I know next to nothing about what I will be doing. Looking on LinkedIn, I feel that I would be overqualified for this role, and it's not something I would like to be doing long term. I'm assuming it will be back-office loan operations stuff.

Some extra cash would be nice right now, but I don't think that the role would give me any additional skills to my resume. Because of this, I'm hesitant about accepting this job. My biggest fear is being pigeon-holed in the role, given that it will be my most recent job. I'm also unfamiliar with the etiquette involved in a temp role: should I list this on my resume? - if I get a full time offer, am I free to leave this temp job whenever? Will recruiters look down on this experience?

Really appreciate the help guys. I'm really in a dillemma here and could use some advice.

P.S. if anyone know anyone hiring in the Boston area, I'd love to share my resume.

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Jul 1, 2020 - 11:00pm

Honestly, can very much relate to your story. The advice I keep giving out is that 2020 will be judged differently than every other year because recruiters will understand our situation. Personally would suggest to take the job. I don't know much about it but you could probably leverage a mortgage department position into a levfin or DCM job later down the line.

And to answer your other questions. You can choose to put it on your resume or not, the only issue is some portals might require you to list your last known work experience. Though again, this doesn't sound like that bad of a job and I don't think any recruiters will look down on you.

You can also leave a temp job at any time during the temp period and unless they offer you a full time contract, don't worry about having to stay if the give you an offer. Good luck.

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