Need some career advice for undegrad junior without SA internship offers

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I am a non-US citizen (from Asia) going to one of Ivy Leagues with 3.6~ GPA majoring in stats and econ.
I have had two internships in the past (one in a long-biased asset management firm back in my country and one that is related to real estate).

I am very passionate about equity research, and I have been doing a few research-related activities at my school as well, but I currently have no internship offer anywhere, and I have two semesters left including the one right now.

I know this person who works in a research department at one of BBs in Asia (VP I think), and I think I am pretty close to him, but not close enough for me to just jokingly ask him for an internship.

He said he would give me a referral if I end up applying for any role at his firm and he said it does not have to be where he works, but obviously there is not many internship opportunities available for me to apply to.

I only know this person and does not know anyone else who works in BB, and I hope to start my career as an equity research analyst at BB. Or I could just go back to my country and try to get a job at some securities firm doing equity research, and that is fine too.

However, I think I deserve to aim as high as possible.

It is already February, and could anyone give me some advice on what I should do now?

Any comment would be very valuable to me. Thanks!

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Feb 3, 2019

Bump! Anyone?


Feb 5, 2019

Actually having the situation as you, coming from Asia and studying at a target. I am planning to recruit again for 2020 Summer. But it's still Feb and there are plenty of small AM firms still recruiting sophomore/junior.

Feb 6, 2019

What year are you in? If you are gonna go for 2020 SA then I guess you are a sophomore now?


Feb 9, 2019

I am a junior but I missed the recruiting cycle for 2019 SA

Feb 6, 2019