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I am Moe and I am 23 years old.

I am not a college student yet because I couldn't afford to pay for college at the time due my parent lost all their savings at their startup and I had to work at the time, and I need help with clearing my mind for taking the right path to fulfil my passion.

I really feel overwhelmed and I don't know how to express what I want to say but I'll write randomly. So please excuse me.

Because of what I have been through I discovered that I have a passion for funds, investments, technology. I love to make investment analysis and choose what is the best investment decision. I love to work by myself most of the time but I don't mind to work with a team or even lead it, and I look for building an online investment firm because I am in love with ideas such as crowdfunding and the idea of money investing as a whole.

I tried to google what pathway should I take to fulfil this passion? what major should I take?, should I study computer science or take economics or study finance or something more specific like financial mathematics, and at what college? should I be an intern at an investment firm to learn about the industry? and is my passion is part of what so-called fintech? what is even the name or job title for such a career?

I would be so thankful for help because I've been late to enter college and I want to look at it as an opportunity that I discovered my passion and I want to take the right major and the right college.

love you all

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Jan 8, 2019

How was your high school performance? If you tell us your grades, extracurriculars, and SAT scores, we could advise you on realistic schools to apply to. You'll most likely either have to go to a business school and major in finance or go to a college of arts and sciences and major in economics if you want to work at an investment firm.

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Jan 9, 2019

thank you for your reply @faizzybear
I got A level with 3 A's on math, physics and economics

Jan 8, 2019

Your scores are fairly impressive, and since you took the A-levels you must be from the UK. I'll assume you want to study in the UK. Your scores would be excellent for an undergraduate finance, computer science, or economics program. If I were you I'd make a UCAS account and apply to Cambridge, Warwick, Edinburgh, St. Andrews, and one safety school. Apply as an econ or finance major at each school and prepare a personal statement explaining why you want to study finance. Then get a recommendation from someone from your academic career and your application will be finished. Best of luck.

Jan 9, 2019

Double majoring in Finance and Computer Science would lead to a lot of opportunities.

Jan 9, 2019