Nesting Issue in Excel - Need some guidance

I will do my best to not go around in circles despite my head currently spinning.

Today I was given the task of creating a model that will be used to show the benefits of properly diversifying your portfolios away from the S&P. This seemed easy enough so I collected the data, created the model, and presented the outputs to the partners of the firm I work at. In short, the idea was to allow them or someone to select two portfolios from a pre-determined list, adjust the size of the portfolio, the inflation rate, and the rate at which the client would be depleting the funds post retirement. So today I was then approached today and asked if the model could be adjusted to adapt to changing start times since as of now it is defaulted to start the depletion of the portfolio (retirement) in 1999 (bad start) or 1995 (good start). The issue I need help with is I ended up getting way too many nested if statements when I tried to create a formula that would recognize the year, portfolio allocation, and rate of return for that given year. Essentially the formula I ended up using was:

=if(and(Year,Portfolio Name),Rate of return that year, repeat until all years and portfolios (1995-2018, and 7 portfolios) are counted for)

any suggestions are appreciated

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Nov 5, 2019

If you have all the data (annual returns, start years, and allocations) arrayed properly, you can use =INDEX(MATCH(),MATCH()) to pull the appropriate numbers in without having to use so many nested IFs.

Here's a good link -

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Nov 5, 2019

You're a saint, thank you. Not that its any of your concern per se, but I will let you know how it works out for me

Nov 5, 2019

Please do, and good luck!

Nov 6, 2019