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Hey guys.... Currently in DC doing an internship. I am planning on studying abroad in Moscow this spring semester ( mid January-early May). The program I am probably going to do is called "Business Russian and internship program". It combines classroom study with an unpaid, part time internship. They help set you up with an internship. That being said, should I network myself and try to find places to intern at, or just completely rely on the program? Or both?

Also, a specific question about a possible contact. I went to dinner with my dad and an investment officer at an international organization (think IMF, OPIC, IFC). The dinner was good... he asked me general questions like what am i studying, etc. Then later on he said,

"if you are interested in an internship or something let me know, we could try to do something, it is very hard to get anything in DC but at our offices abroad its a bit easier, let me know". I basically said like thanks that sounds really cool. So how do i proceed from here? Was he just being nice in front of my dad?

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Jul 6, 2012