Networking at a Career Fair When the company you're interning for is there

I'm in grad school right now and have just started working as an intern for a commercial real estate investment company. Even though I just started this week, I absolutely love the job, but it's only scheduled until May. No mention has been made as to whether or not they are looking for an intern to eventually hire full time (which I totally get because I just started) and I'm definitely not going to ask that question the first week. I'll just keep grinding and best case scenario is that there is an opening and they recognize my hard work and give me a job.

I'm scheduled to attend a commercial real estate career fair next week and the company I'm interning for will be there. Like I said, I'd love to be hired by these guys full time, but I'm definitely not going to bank on that and need a back up plan just in case things don't work out. How should I navigate this awkward situation?

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Sep 20, 2018