Networking dilemma

Hey all,

I was lucky enough to get an offer for next summer at a bank (tier 3 BB), however, I am quite sure that I don't wont to stay there (group). Would it be completely inadequate to start networking (and eventually recruiting) for other jobs even before the summer internship starts?

My main concern is that the firm rescinds my offer if they find out.

Thank you in advance!

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Comments (3)

Dec 31, 2018


Dec 31, 2018

There is absolutely no issue with continuing to build your network for full time recruiting. There is no guarantee that you'll get a return offer from your internship, and especially if you want to explore other groups and banks, continuing to network is actually imperative. That said, don't neglect networking within your BB to perhaps land a group you like better and help win a return offer.

The point of networking is to learn and figure out what opportunities there are, and which ones you want to chase. Your BB can't rescind your offer for a hypothetical. You've made no commitment to them beyond your internship, and neither have they. Go for it.

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Dec 31, 2018