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Might be a dumb question but wondering if networking efforts should be towards positions that have job openings? I get how important it is to network, but for the sole purpose of landing a job, should you devote all time to networking with places that have openings on website? Curious to hear people's success of landing positions that don't have job opening posts. Sorry if this has an obvious answer, just wondering if there is a different strategy for having a clear end motive of landing a job with the people you are reaching out to and prioritizing who you are reaching out to.

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Aug 1, 2020

In my mind, you should develop short term and long term goals on what you want and shoot for those. If you are looking for specific jobs, then start ramping up the networking for those jobs in the year before interviews for those jobs hit the market (not before because it is unlikely you will have enough experience or know enough). The more you know (whether bc of the guides or experience or school), the more you can get out of formal networking experiences. As you start accomplishing certain goals, change who you talk to (ie. once start working at IB start talking to people in PE/VC). If you don't reach your targets, change your strategies and also expand to different career paths.

For example, I would make sure you don't waste time reaching out to bankers as a Freshman, but it is acceptable reaching out to a few in your Sophomore summer. Just make sure you don't burn bridges by saying something stupid. If you don't make it into IB, shoot for consulting.

As for the networking if there are no posted job openings, this is also skewed by the position you are going for and your personal relations. If you have a super strong network base, like you are the son/daughter of a MD, it might be easier to network off-cycle. Otherwise, it is very unlikely, because most BB/EB banks have pretty strict recruiting rules for hiring. However, there are always outliers, so you might as well try. I will note you should be networking before the job is posted for most EB/BBs.

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Aug 3, 2020

Wdym by sophomore summer? Like summer after sophomore or freshman year

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Aug 3, 2020