Networking for internal transfer to Asset Management

Hi guys,

I'm a recent US engineering graduate working as a business analyst for a major life insurance client in NYC, it is a corp-to-corp contract position ( think Accenture, Infosys, Wipro at a client like New York Life, Metlife, etc). I'm just 2 months into the position and most of my work is going to meetings, reading regulations, defining IT requirements, speaking to different departments and so on. I've been wanting to transition to a new Asset Management role that popped up within the portfolio risk and analytics team of the firm, the qualifications are quite vague, mostly a quant degree and some years of experience. Lets say I have a good relationship with the IT director of the firm and would like to ask for an informational interview with the hiring manager of the AM department, given that I'm not technically an employee of the company, would this be a good idea ? I'm just thinking it might come back to my company's manager and damage my current position. Any suggentions on the best way to approach this would be appreciated.