Networking Meeting with the President of Boutique Investment Bank, what do I ask him about? Best way to ask for an internship?

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Hi all, I am a recent graduate who is going to be pursuing an MSF starting in the late summer/early fall. My goal is to break in to investment banking, but I do not have previous IB internships. I know it is late but I am still hustling to get something, even unpaid and informal, for this summer.

I cold e-mailed every MM and boutique IB and PE shop in my city (very non-finance city in the southeast) and got a meeting with the president of a legit IB with 30 or so employees. The premise of the meeting from the email I sent was that I was going to be starting grad school, wanted to learn as much as possible about the industry before recruiting, and would he be willing to speak with me about his career.

Ideally though, at the end I want to ask if he would be willing to take on an unpaid intern. How can I bring this up/what is the best way to approach the subject? I don't want him to think I misled him by asking for advice with only the ulterior motive of an internship, and even if I walk out of the room with more insight and nothing else I will be very grateful for his time.

Also, what are some good questions I can ask him, and what are some important things I can tell him about myself/convey my genuine interest and the value that I can add over the summer?

Thank you in advance, I've spent countless hours sending emails and don't want to screw up my possibly last chance.

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May 23, 2018