Networking strategy for lateral entry in Canadian PE (with Asian PE/IBD/AM experience)

Hi guys-
Can you please recommend any specific networking strategy in regards to my background (please find below) for the Canadian PE market.

1) Starting with Asset Management- Analyst/Senior analyst for 3 yrs in local AMC AUM of around USD 500 Mn- South East Asia
2) Investment Banking Analyst/Associate for 4 yrs in regional bank totaling deal size of USD 300 mn in IPO listings/debt & equity syndication- in Asia
3) Currently, PE Associate for 3 yrs in a large Multilateral Development Bank (AAA rated) PE Fund AUM of around USD 1 billion - covering MENA, Central and Western Africa, Asia.

I am relocating to Canada within next 6-9 months. I would like to start networking into the PE industry from now on. My plan is to first cold email and then get into a call after first 1-2 rounds of email exchange to discuss the background details and make a connection to follow up in face2face sessions once I reach Canada later this year.

I do follow the informative pages of WSO regarding different networking strategies but in my case should I have to follow any specific networking strategy for breaking into Canadian PE with my experience (e.g. Should I at all start cold emailing/cold calling before reaching Canada or I was wondering whether I should share my resume in the first email etc.). Will highly appreciate if you can please share any advice on this.

Thanks in advance.

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Mar 22, 2018 - 9:09am

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