Networking through Bloomberg Chat?

Wondering what you guys think of using bloomberg chat for networking purposes? I have actually had some success with it as far as contacting alumni through chat, and moving on to other communication services, but as an icebreaker it seems to work better than cold emailing and linkedin?

However, I haven't started trying to reach out to random people not within my school alumni, what would reactions be to this? Pretty hard to ignore a BBG chat notification compared to email at least. Looking at AM and HF mainly.

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Jul 29, 2019

I sent Jim Cramer a message and heard back lol It's probably just his PR team tho. I've seen Bill Ackman reply too but I'm pretty sure most people would get irritated from it.

Aug 9, 2019

It depends. If you have something specific to ask then go for it. Otherwise I would be annoyed at you wasting my time. Worst that happens is they tell you to bugger off and forget about you.

When I take a large position in a company (>2%) I'll reach out to other PMs or even an analyst that I might know is a decent sized holder if I want to compare notes on something. But I'm unabashedly bullish on what I hold. Often I'll find out who is a good contact by asking the company (equity). I've reached out to managers that i might hear comment on a program (either because I agree or not).

Don't do it during earnings or close to market open either. Don't do it just to network.

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Aug 12, 2019

I'd prefer email / linkedin tbh. At least linkedin i'm expecting random inbounds.

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Aug 12, 2019

Note that there is nothing more annoying than being 100% committed into a model / thoughtful analysis and then getting flashed with that new chat box (or even worse, the sound which is obnoxiously loud at default esp with headphones plugged in)

+1 to guy above noting that if you are b-chat inbounding me on a specific name and want to talk shop and share ideas then in that case, that's awesome

I'd prefer email or even a phone call for introductions that don't include a component of shop talk

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