Networking with someone I partied with......?

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Hey all,

Hope work or back to school is treating you all well.

I have a quick and rather silly question. I partied with a few bankers this summer, one of whom works at my dream firm. He had mentioned that he may be able to help hook me up for full-time, but we've barely kept in touch, and if we have, it was very informal. I am wondering if anyone has advice on how to approach him when asking if he could hook me up with a point of contact/pass my CV around the department.

Thanks in advance

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Sep 7, 2011

That's a perfect connection. Approach him as a friend/buddy (relax) and you'll likely have the best results. You don't want to make anyone think you're desperate/nagging/pestering. In this case approach him as friends that respect each other equally.

That's my opinion anyway.

I'd email him and leave him with a phone number to contact me.

Sep 7, 2011

Dude, this is the perfect opportunity. Stay chill and just e-mail him more about his job and what he did to get the job. Ask him about the process at his firm and you're set.

Sep 7, 2011

thanks guys, any suggestions as whether to contact via facebook or work email?

Sep 7, 2011