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So... I'd like to believe I'm a solid candidate for MBB but I can't shake the feeling that without going to Wharton/Harvard/MIT/Tuck/etc or having connections I'll have a hard time getting into MBB.
For personal reasons I'd prefer to avoid studying abroad (I'm in Israel) and I've come to the conclusion that, other than leaving it more or less to chance, I'd have to network in order to get my foot in the MBB door.
My question is if there is any way I can network with MBB workers in my current position.
I know there are quite a few of my University's alums working at the local office, but I have no way of knowing their names or getting their contact info (maybe I could but it would be using a very un-straightforward manner like simply tapping into the alumni database, coz I doubt we have something as organized as a regular American alumni database).
So considering the above constraints, does anybody have tangible suggestions to help me?
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Aug 27, 2009

You need to show a lot more initiative. Even people who go to traditional target schools need to network. Very, very few people can just send in a resume and land a job. If you're trying to get a job in the U.S. and you live in Israel, you will absolutely have to network, and that means figuring out how to tactfully figure out to identify and reach out to alums from your school and other people you might have a connection to. If you can't do this you probably wouldn't make a great analyst. Analysts need to figure out how to get stuff done, and it's often not easy. Just being honest.

Here are a few ideas for you.

  • Talk to the finance faculty at your school. Tell them what your interest is, and ask if they know any of the alums in the local office you might reach out to
  • Talk to other students interested in finance at your school, and suggest jointly reaching out to alums to invite 1 or more alums in banking to lunch or to speak to all of you and answer questions
  • Tell everyone you know what you're interested in and ask if they have people who work in banking they'd be willing to put you in touch with to answer some questions. Arm the people who can help you. Whether you're using Gotta Mentor, LinkedIn, Twitter or some other platform to find or connect to people, make sure you give the people who can help you the information that will allow them to promote you effectively. If you are asking for someone to make an introduction, in addition to having a complete professional profile, give the individual a paragraph with a brief description of relevant background highlighting your impact and any key skills
  • Use LinkedIn to figure out who you know (alum or not) or are loosely connected to at the companies you're interested in. Read this:
    9 Tips to Using LinkedIn to Land Your Ideal Job -

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Aug 30, 2009

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