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Nevertheless, everything considered, EA is currently handling this in the best way it can. NBA 2K fans have pleaded with the publisher of their game to be as transparent with their communication. Among the most frustrating aspect of 2K's battles has been the lack of Madden 20 coins communication and authoritative resources for information. Madden's group has clear voices in the community. Unfortunately isn't what fans want to hear. If this matter with OF is resolved in a reasonable time frame, the majority of the negativity around the problem will fade. At that point, EA's transparency may be appreciated.

It might be a coincidence. All things considered, curses can't be real, right? It's merely coincidence or an odd confluence of events in a league and game where injuries are all too prevalent. There's no way that the Madden Curse -- when a player appears on the cover of Madden, and then ends up hurt or his production drops the subsequent season -- is anything apart from happenstance. And... for every Calvin Johnson, who set an NFL record with 1,964 receiving yards in his pay period of 2012, there is a Michael Vick, Peyton Hillis or Troy Polamalu.

Not every player has been destructively murdered in his pay year: For example, Marshall Faulk's look on the cover of Madden 2003 came after he was 29 years old, so it is natural that he would diminish (although he was a Pro Bowler that year and rushed for 953 yards while catching 537 more yards in receptions).

They tweeted a confirmation of fix, but no apology for lovers of the game.A couple leagues responded to the tweet with pleasure at having the ability to come back to the game, but theres no doubt this has done some harm to EA's standing amongst CFM players.

It doesn't take long to find the criticism of cheap Mut 20 coins why EA hasn't gone away today that a repair is being rolled out. There is a good deal of frustration among the fan base, and a big issue is that there does not seem to be much sign it would not happen again.

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Dec 2, 2019