New analyst job in small department of 4 in mortgage investment analytics. How do I go about asking about career progression?

Starting out as an analyst in a small department. Would it be awkward to ask about future career progression?
I like the salary, I like the people, and the job seems interesting. But I'm curious as to what the career progression looks like. For instance, Start: Analyst: Salary x, 2 years later: Senior Analyst: Salary x1.15, 5 years later: Associate: x1.3.
I'm mainly concerned about my job title not changing for the next 5-10 years and the company adjusting the salary up 1-3% each year form inflation adjustment. Because it's such a small team, and I am the only analyst, I am left in the dark as to how my future with the company will look like. Thanks!

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Jan 10, 2019