New Case Webinars in WSO Consulting Prep Pack

Over the last 12 months, we have made a big effort to improve our consulting case interview prep package by bringing to you relevant webinars with real interview advice and actual consulting case walk-throughs...I think for those of you that don't watch the webinars, it would be helpful to give you a brief snapshot of all the consulting webinars that have been added in the last 12 months.

Of course you can gain access to all of these webinars + hundreds more, 11 challenging consulting practice cases , 100+ questions/cases asked in real interviews at top 10 firms, 12 critical frameworks to help you tackle case interviews along with 10 math fundamentals you need to know with the WSO consulting interview Prep Pack right here. Without further ado, here is a short list/snapshot:

Ace Your Consulting Interview

1. Consulting Case – Loravia Education

Join us for a webinar with Wall Street Mentor Ethan who will provide you a general background on the case interview while also providing tips and tricks for performing well in your upcoming management/strategy consulting interview. Ethan will also walk through a practice case on a fictional country's education system with you.

2. Consulting Case – A General Overview To Management Consulting

Hear an industry veterans take on how long you should spend during each step of a solving a case all the way from understanding the question to asserting a conclusion. Alberto will also cover several sample frameworks you might encounter in a case interview. This webinar will conclude with a case involving a global hotel chain that is evaluating the construction of a new hotel in the Bahamas.

3. McKinsey Consulting Case Walkthrough

This webinar will be in the "interview-led" style which is most commonly seen at McKinsey and will be led by a current BCG consultant. Gain insight from Melissa into how to answer 6 different practice questions about this case. You will also get insight into what an industry veteran thinks differentiates a good answer from a very good answer.

4. Consulting Case – Biotech Innovation & Strategy

A former BCG consultant will cover 7 questions regarding a strategy case about a mid-sized biotech company who recently made a wrong bet on an investment and now runs the risk of running out of cash in 12 months. Steven will even give you the best way to structure your answer when asked…"The CEO of the company just emailed you, saying that she will be in your office in 5 minutes to discuss current findings. What are some insights you would like to share with her?"

5. Week In The Life of a Sports Consultant (UK) + How I Broke In

If you've ever wondered what it means to be a sports consultant than join us for a webinar with Wall Street Mentor Donal who does management consulting within the sports industry in London. Donal will provide you with a deeper understanding of topics like how to help a global brand optimize its sports sponsorship portfolio along with what skills are required to break into the industry.

6. Consulting Interview Preparation – Globapharm

Wall Street Mentor Ethan will walk-through a case interview example of a a major pharmaceutical company with 10B dollars in revenue that is interested in entering a new rapidly growing segment of drugs. Topics covered for you will highlight what issues you should consider when evaluating the value of a drug company's existing drug pipeline along with what your hypotheses on the major risks of integrating the R&D functions of two pharmaceutical companies should look like.

7. Consulting Case – Talent Recruitment & Retention Strategy of a Fortune 500 Tech Firm

Dr. Steven Mo will cover the number one problem with today's talent pipelines along with the new strategy and solution to avoid huge attrition in the fast-changing technology world during this case webinar on a Fortune 500 tech firm. This former interviewer at BCG will also field Q&A at the conclusion of the session, answering questions such as "What are the most common mistakes that candidates encounter in case interviews?" and "How can you improve your mastery of case interviews, beyond simply practicing case after case?".

8. Consulting Case – Fortune 500 IT Company

This webinar will involve a case where a Fortune 500 IT company has a client retention rate that is below the industry benchmark. Ex-BCG Consultant Steven will cover 7 questions regarding the case and provide you with suggested answers to each question. A few topics covered include: a typical value chain for any service offering business, ensuring a lower churn rate, and understanding the macro environment of a case.

9. Consulting Case – Military Defense Strategy

Steven, an ex-BCG consultant with experience conducting interviews, is back to discuss how to apply management consulting thinking into solving a military defense strategy case with a strong focus on regional optimization of dominance.

10. Consulting Case – Retirement Apartment Complexes

Gain insight into the recruiting characteristics of companies such as Bain & Co. and Boston Consulting Group through this webinar. A case will also be covered involving whether a company that owns and operates 25 retirement apartment complexes should expand to other northern cities or continue to focus on the south. Alberto will provide you with a potential issue tree and explain how to go about approaching the case at hand.

11. Consulting Case – Diconsa

This case will cover a client that is asking you to investigate and assess the possibility of using a large network of private food stores to provide a basic set of state funded financial services for the inhabitants of remote communities in Mexico. Ethan will share the assumptions he makes and how to address potential challenges that are raised by the clients.

12. Consulting Case – Consumer Goods Retail Strategy

Learn how to help a CEO achieve his goal of improving his company's sales force effectiveness by becoming the "leader" of this industry by becoming #1 in operating margins within a 12-month period. This webinar will give you a better understanding of how to go about making high-level recommendations based on the data you are shown during a case interview.

13. Comprehensive Intro to Consulting Case Prep

Join this webinar for a comprehensive look into both the management consulting industry and the interview process that prospective consultants undergo with firms such as Bain & Co., BCG, and McKinsey & Co. Case frameworks covered will include: increasing profits, market entry, investment, new technology, M&A deals, and outsourcing cases.

14. Consulting Case – Technology Go-to-Market Strategy

This case involves a technology company that created a new wearable device which could be placed on pregnant ladies ads to track movement and health status of the fetus. The client wants you to help them identify which are the best countries to sell this device to ensure big initial success of generating high revenue streams. Get an elite ex-BCG consultants take on how to approach and answer this case problem

15. BCG Consulting Case – Ubran Planning & City Development

For this case, a former interviewer at BCG will discuss a urban planning and city development case study with an emphasis on supply chain management. Also hear a consulting veteran's take on questions such as "What would you suggest to improve at the quantitative aspects of the case?" and "Is it wise to 'joke' with the person interviewing you?".

Learn More

Again, you can get access to all of these consulting interview webinars through the WSO Consulting Case Interview Prep Pack.

As always, we welcome your feedback on how we can keep improving! Thank you for your continued support.

Stay Strong,
Patrick Curtis
Chief Monkey & Founder,

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