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Over the last 12 months, we have made a big effort to improve our hedge fund interview prep package by bringing to you relevant webinars with interview advice and actual investment pitch walk-throughs...I think for those of you that don't watch the webinars, it would be helpful to give you a brief snapshot of all the hedge fund webinars that have been added in the last 12 months.

Of course you can gain access to all of these webinars + hundreds more, 10 hedge fund sample pitches, 15+ hours of hedge fund video solutions, Recruiting + HF interview guide along with 1 year access to the WSO Company Database with the WSO hedge fund interview Prep Pack right here. Without further ado, here is a short list/snapshot:

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1. HF Investment Pitch – Series Overview with Payment Networks Case Study (Visa, MC, Paypal, Amex, Discover):

Join us for a 10-part webinar series by our very own Wall Street Mentor John. This series will spend 10+ hours providing you with a wealth of information and guidance on understanding four very important aspects of finding good businesses: the industry model, the business model, the financial model, and the valuation model. During this webinar John will cover the following: a hedge fund case study with you, how to go about analyzing a stock, how to think about businesses, where you go about sourcing information and how best to analyse it, and the core ideas you need to know when you work on a stock.

2. HF Investment Pitch – Understanding Industry Models:

Hear about what a former Goldman Sachs MD thinks a good business looks like. This second webinar in the series will do a deep dive into the first step of finding good businesses which is understanding industries, their structures and financials. John claims that "Investing is about first understanding the kind of businesses you want to own, then searching madly for something that looks like that".

3. HF Investment Pitch – Business Models Part 1:

A sound understanding of business models is critical for any successful investment pitch. Join Wall Street Mentor John to develop your ability to understand how a business actually works. John will dive into the second step of finding good businesses covering an overview of different business models along with an overview of what characteristics to look for when developing an investment pitch. This webinar will allow you to become better at a topic hedge fund analysts need to know…how to understand what makes a good business and how to go about finding them.

4. HF Investment Pitch – Business Models Part 2 – How to Use Mental Models:

Ever wondered what a Mental Model is and why it's critical for gaining an edge against other job-seekers? Join us for a webinar about the very topic that investing legends such as Charlie Munger have attributed much of their success to. John will cover 8+ mental models for you along with providing a number of excellent books & articles that you can read to further develop your understanding of this valuable topic.

5. HF Investment Pitch – Financial Models Part 1 – Balance Sheet Analysis:

Before you can build a financial model, you need to read the annual report to gain an understanding of how the business is actually performing. This will be the fourth webinar in Wall Street Mentor John's HF Investment Pitch Series. John will cover balance sheet analysis for you along with providing tips before getting your feet wet with an annual report. Examples of what a good and bad balance sheet look like will be shown and explained to you.

6. HF Investment Pitch – Financial Models Part 2 – Income Statement Analysis:

The goal of this session is to help you build a better financial understanding of a business through an in-depth presentation from John focused on the income statement of a company. This better understanding will allow you to build better financial models, and therefore, be a better investor. John will break down the income statement for you and explain the various components that go into calculating the bottom line. The various interconnections between the income statement and the balance sheet will also be covered.

7. Generating Idea Pitches (long & short) For a hedge fund interview:

Discover how a hedge fund portfolio manager with 5+ years of experience collects and analyzes information for a stock presentation. Various types of ideas for a hedge fund interview pitch will be covered along with a presentation of a long and short thesis on the same company with an accompanying financial model. Ann will let you decide which case is stronger for Acadia Pharmaceuticals…the long or the short?

8. Generating Idea Pitches (long & short) For a hedge fund interview:

A long and short idea will be presented to you by Ann along with some tips on presenting an investment idea during a hedge fund interview. The two investment ideas will be explained in depth for you, covering the valuation of the stock along with its respective catalysts & risks.

9. Developing a short thesis – Weight Watchers/WTW stock:

Ever wondered what creates a short opportunity along with what risks and catalysts accompany such a thesis? If so, then hear from Ann, an industry veteran, who will walk you through a short thesis on WTW. She will cover the financials, the model, and the valuation of the short thesis on this company as well as fielding questions and answers at the conclusion of the session. Get a seasoned professional's answers to questions such as "How do you source long & short ideas?" and "Could you discuss the use of debt financing?"

10. Walkthrough of a Hedge Fund Short Sell Thesis – "You on Demand (NASDAQ: YOD)":

Wall Street Mentor David will walk you through a short sell thesis on a company with weak business fundamentals and a value destructive balance sheet. David will cover topics including, but not limited to, the following: tough competitive environment, weak fundamentals, poor management, flawed sell-side coverage and catalysts & risks.

11. hedge fund interview Pitch plus Walking Through Investment Selection and Research:

Congratulations, you scored an interview at a hedge fund, but how do you prepare? An industry veteran will be hosting this extra-long session that will cover what interview questions to expect along with what makes a good investment pitch. An example stock pitch will also be demonstrated for you.

12. How to get a Hedge Fund Job out of Undergrad:

Wall Street Mentor David will teach you a 3 step process for strengthening your investment skillset in order to better prepare you for work in the hedge fund industry. David will also reveal where he has acquired 90% of his investment knowledge from. David will also reveal his personal reading list which he highly recommends. Small and mid-sized fund characteristics will also be discussed during this session.

13. Hedge Fund Analyst - Week in The Life:

This session will reveal a week in the life of Wall Street Mentor John who is an industry veteran with experience in Asset Management. John was recently hired into his new position at a hedge fund. His main task at the firm is to track deals from the proposed stage, to the investment date, and through the final valuation process.

14. Paths to a Hedge fund Job:

Industry veteran Ann will cover the various paths you can take to make it to a hedge fund along with revealing the most sought after candidates. Other topics covered include, but are not limited to, the following: preparing for an interview, unadvertised hedge fund jobs, types of hedge funds, and roles available at a typical hedge fund.

15. Hedge Fund Analyst mock interview:

Join us for a 50 minute mock interview that you can commonly encounter for a analyst level position at a hedge fund. The interviewee and interviewer will conduct a complete mock interview and at the end you can hear the advice that is provided to the interviewee regarding his performance and responses.

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Again, you can get access to all of these hedge fund interview webinars through the WSO hedge fund interview Prep Pack.

As always, we welcome your feedback on how we can keep improving!Thank you for your continued support.

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