New guy on the team (2-3 months) gets invited to off site meeting by MD and I've never been invited in 2 years with the team..

As stated above, my new analyst gets invited by the MD to off site meeting ...and I've never been. I do have more stuff to do and more meetings in the city with partners and stuff..I know it's stupid but I'm actually jealous...I discussed it with my VP, who is a friend of mine and he's telling me I should not be worried ...he told me that MD asked him if he could bring in the new guy to show him around...How should I take this..? Disregard and continue to work hard ? The new guy has been my intern for 2 years and his father is a well known investor in the maybe he's showing him as a trophy I don't know.. I know I should not be bothered as I know his salary and him at least 30% higher in both bonus and base..and that the VP gives me way more complicated deals than the other guy...but still I must admit I'm jealous I feel that the MD likes him more..
I sound like a little girl...emotions speaking ahah
Have a good one,

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Comments (2)

Jul 5, 2017

You're trusted to meet with partners and the junior guy is being brought along to say "WOW." Your VP is also a friend, and is giving you higher visibility work to pull you up the ladder. It's easy to feel jealousy, but don't let those feelings show or manifest in a negative way toward the junior guy.

Jul 5, 2017