New PE Associate - CFA or MIF?

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Hi all,

I've recently joined a MM PE firm (thanks WSO for your help!). As I'm coming from management consultancy, I've been offered the opportunity to study for either the CFA or PT MIF (or something else if I can argue for it) to help bring me up to speed to the technicals I missed out on having not done 3 years of IB.

Selfishly I'd like to make sure that what ever I choose is going to give the best opportunity at a bigger fund in a couple of years' time, as well as provide a solid knowledge base for whilst I'm here. My initial thoughts are that the CFA is more 'technical', and not 100% relevant to PE - whereas the MIF could be more commerical and, if I choose a decent school, might provide the 'leg up'.

Would appreciate your thoughts.


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Apr 1, 2020

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Apr 3, 2020


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Apr 3, 2020