New to WSO, don't know where to start.

Hello, Chimps

I've only been on the site for a day and I have already learned more here than I have in the last 2 years of uni. I am a 19 year old dual degree student in law and business (majoring in finance) at a... lower tier rural university in Australia. I have an interest in working in finance, and I am having trouble trying to find the right steps to take to get a job in the industry. I am looking to get work experience in my closest major city with an accounting and consulting firm, which I hope to use to help lead to a job in either that firm or one that's similar.

From what I've been told, it will be a struggle for me to get a job in IB, PE, VC or HF because of my university's reputation, however, I hope to overcome this with a master's degree at a GO8 university (Australia) or a partner university overseas. My university has a campus in Singapore which may present an opportunity to get into finance and than launchpad to London or New York from there. (not that I have anything wrong with Singapore, I just prefer cold climates over warm ones)

**I'm hoping to get advice on what steps I should take to get in a finance job, and what old threads I should read into as a beginner/uni student on WSO.
Thank you for any insight or advice you can provide.

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Mar 12, 2018