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Dearest WSO Members and Visitors:

I am excited to announce the launch of the WSO Private Equity Industry Report with data on salary, bonus, employee satisfaction, average hours worked per week and more... You may remember several years ago we released a similar PE report outlining compensation, rankings, etc across industries, but it was a static report and it was very difficult to compile.

The Reports Update Themselves

We've been working over the past several months to try and recreate that report from several years ago, but our goal was to have it as a more fluid resource that updates as more and more members contribute to the WSO Company Database.

WSO Company Database

To get access to all 47,000+ submissions for 1 month for free, you still have submit ONLY ONE interview insight, compensation or company review...or you can get access for a full year with just THREE submissions. Thank you to the 30,000+ unique members that have helped us build this resource. We're excited that now the report section is live, we'll be able to accelerate the submission rate and help notice trends quickly... Get access to all of the company specific detail by submitting your comp data anonymously here OR interview insight here OR company review here.

Next Steps for the Reports Section

We recently added trends to the WSO Investment Banking Report to that you can see relative company moves over the years and plan to add more company specific data in the next iterations under the compensation charts...stay tuned!

...without further ado...

Access the PE Industry Report

As always, we welcome your critiques and suggestions on how we can make the reports more insightful and useful to you...this is iteration 1.1 and we know we can always keep improving.

Thank you,

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Aug 25, 2017
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