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Hi -

I've recently been accepted to study PPE at the University of Oxford and shall almost definitely be attending. I'd consider Princeton, however, it's unlikely I'll be admitted and it would cost a lot more and be less fun than Ox. The grade requirement is not very strict and I should have no problem meeting it.

Equity research or private equity are two paths I'm considering pursuing after graduation (Econ PhD & then World Bank/IMF, or alternatively, US Law school being the main others). I've done brief work experience at an equity research firm and have also been to some hedge funds & mutual funds for events/ trips and at a big IB for a networking evening. I've accumulated a number of contacts (who work in Finance) through these trips, events, networking events, as well as through school clubs/ societies.

I'm planning to have a relaxed summer but also think that work experience/ internships would be useful. Would it be fine to reach out to the contacts and ask if they could offer me any work experience opportunities? Or would it be more appropriate to ask if I could talk to them over coffee and then try to get an internship/ work experience based off of the conversation?

Also, are there any publicly open internships/ work experience opportunities in London/ LA/ NY/HK for high school students? Alternatively, would I be able to apply for undergraduate internships?

Additionally, at university I understand most internships happen in your final year, however, is there an okay chance of being accepted into one in your first summer? Could this be achieved through reaching out to people who you know at the company?

And finally, how easy/ difficult is it to begin working in New York, Los Angeles, or Hong Kong in equity research/ private equity directly out of Oxford as a British citizen (in terms of visas etc)?

Thank you!

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Jan 13, 2019