Next steps for a tired consultant

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Hi All! Recently hit 2 years at big 4 consulting firm, have done a fair amount of strategy work and am hoping to make a transition into corp strat. Looking for some advice on where to start...

  1. Finding jobs - Do these positions mostly go through recruiting agencies? Networking? Linkedin..? How do I find out about what's available?
  2. Is there a "recruiting season"? - I've seen the masses of IB analysts leave over the summer. Does this hold for consulting too? I know some consulting firms also have 2 year programs. Do companies anticipate this and increase hiring? (If industry makes a difference, I'm interested in TMT/consumer goods)
  3. Standing out - I assume I'll be competing with MBB/IB, some of the people on the corporate side will probably be ex MBB/IB - what do I highlight about my experience?

Any advice you have is much appreciated, thanks in advance!

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Oct 25, 2015
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