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Hi all I'm a newbie here and wish to get everyone's opinion and suggestion on my career path, please feel free to move my topic if this isn't the right space.

  • Currently situation: Aged 27 this year, in-house Strategy Manager for a local bank in one of APAC developing country (considered a Tier 2 financial institution in the country with no international market exposure, started under graduate scheme)
  • Has LLB degree (2:2 actual result, non-Russell Group non-Oxbridge) and a Masters in Accounting and Finance (UoL non-Russell Group, Merit)
  • Has a year of work experience (Regulatory Advisory, on contract) in one of global financial institution in the UK

Appreciate for your advice if my primary aim is to return to the UK for a more solid work experience, before considering opportunities in other financial centres around the world.

Also I understand that with my academic results above seems a little difficult to get into MBB nor even Tier 2 consulting agencies, I do keep the option of continue to go for MBA in one of Russell Group uni as one of my ways in order to be more competitive.

Many thanks for the advice here.

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Jun 15, 2020