Nice job Admissionado and Julie

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I am very happy with services received from Admissionado, and in particular, with the work done by Julie Bowman. Admissionado and Julie were very professional, effective, and responsive. Julie was able to guide me through the process step by step on a timely basis. The most important aspect of Julie is that she was bright to connect my story/background with what the admission committee was looking for in an appropriate language. Her knowledge and experience working with a diverse group of candidates were key in my successful essays and letters of recommendation. I would like to highlight that she was very assertive in her comments and suggestions to me and my recommenders. In addition, Admissionado program was good and effective. From the beginning to the end, I received a very personalized service. They paired me with the right consultant considering my b-school options and background. In the first few sessions, expectations were set with a clear agenda which then facilitated us to manage time and workload better. Moreover, the Admissionado's revision and feedback policy within 72 hours was convenient and effective, and helped me to prepare and plan ahead. Thanks Julie and Admissionado for their great job.