No math background, can I get into a MFin program?

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Some advice please,

I am in my senior year in a top-tier Korean university with an econ major and a minor in business. I recently became interested in finance, hence the lack of prep.
I rarely have any quantitative background; my school does not require rigorous math courses for econ majors. Math for econ (B+) and Intro to stat(A+) is pretty much all. My cum GPA is 4.0/4.3.
I have very little work experience(internship) as well. (5mo in a US government organization, 2 mo in local consulting, passed CFA level 1)

Is there any chance that I can make into a decent MFin program, if I take an year to improve my specs (excellent GMAT scores, more work experience, etc)? Any advice would be appreciated very much.

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Jan 19, 2019

Yes, do you don't need Maths/Physics or Finance to make it into an MFin. Degrees with a good component of quants (econ, chem, other STEMs) can make it too so your econ degree should be fine. See if you can find current students in Linkedin to ask more about the maths in the course and if you're ever behind you can do extra study on your own.

Jan 20, 2019