No return offer and lost in the process

Hey everyone,

Kind of what the title suggests, interned at a large bank in their coverage group this past Summer. Figured everything went great but was told that I would not be getting a return offer. The news hit me pretty badly as I was already going through some personal issues and decided to take a break and not think about it. After two interviews, I wasn't able to get past the first round and now I'm pretty sure I have two interviews left in the bag. I always try to stay optimistic but I'm genuinely curious about what I should be doing now. It's really tough to see as people in my year can sort of breeze by and relax knowing they got an offer. It messed my confidence up pretty badly. I know that no one is entitled to an offer but guidance on what I should be doing would be helpful. 


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Nov 17, 2021 - 11:27pm

I didn't get an offer after my Summer Associate internship.  It took two years to get back to a good bank and have been in a great position ever since.  Decide if you want to commit, and if so, leverage your network as much as possible, expand your search to every bank on the planet (even the tiniest, shittiest ones) and pound the pavement until you land something.  There isn't really any other advice to give; if you want to get in you have to work for it now.  Your situation is extremely, extremely common and says nothing about you personally.  Shrug it off and keep moving forward.

  • Intern in IB - Cov
Nov 21, 2021 - 4:20pm

Haha that's what I noticed. It really isn't a straight line which can be a beauty and a curse depending on the situation. Thanks for sharing this, I'll make sure to get back to the grind

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Nov 21, 2021 - 1:40am

I was in the exact same spot 2.5 years ago so just know others here felt the exact same way and FYI now I'm back at the bank that rejected me in a better city and a better group running the internship program. May sound corny but your success is defined about how you fall and get back up (aka no return offer). It stings and sucks but put your head down, get back to networking, and be defined by your rebound. I spent my entire senior year feeling behind all my friends who got return offers and just put my head down for a year and called everyone I knew. Now I'm back a head of my peers with a larger network and know how to deal with professional adversity. ALSO, an important point I reminded myself is that your success relative to others is cyclical. I went from a high having an internship at a top 5 bb to the bottom being without an offer senior year to now back at the top in a great group at a top 5 bb. Maybe in a year I'll be in the middle or back at the bottom but just know it fluctuates.

  • Intern in IB - Cov
Nov 21, 2021 - 4:19pm

Thanks for replying, this is definitely something I needed to hear. Networking doesn't come too easy to me and I think I got partly lucky with my offer this past Summer so this really lit a fire to go out there and get going. It is really is rough not comparing yourself to others and feeling good about yourself but it sounds like it paid off for you so I won't let that get me down.

Nov 21, 2021 - 8:32am

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