Nomura online application not working? WTF!?

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Did anyone try to complete the online application for investment banking analyst at Nomura Securites today? I filled out the application, saved it, but when I went back to it the website would not allow me to upload my cover letter. I was therefore not able to submit my application and they are due tomorrow!! WTF!!!

I tried calling but no tech support is there till Monday. I e-mailed recruiting and told them about my situation and attached my cover letter and CV. I feel like that is totally unprofessional and can't say it doesn't reflect poorly on Nomura and its ambitions to compete with the top IB's. However I understand there in the business of banking not technology so I understand that they prob still have a great IBD team.

Has anyone else experienced this problem?

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Feb 27, 2010

who cares? it's too late anyway

Feb 27, 2010

Why do you say that? I was under the impression that they had an opening and they where accepting applications till February 28 (which is what there website suggests). It makes sense if Banks only recruit in the fall though. Let me know your reasoning though, I don't want to too much time or decline a part-time job till next round.

Feb 27, 2010

Did you manage to solve the problem? I have the same issue amd can't upload my CV and cover letter.

Feb 27, 2010

No, I sent a message through their "contact us link" and the email address provided by the recruitment website. You should send a message about the problem. If enough people let them know they weren't able to submit their app they might realize that a lot of qualified apps didn't come through and will do something about it.

Feb 28, 2010

Same problem. I'm trying to upload my resume and cover letter and it won't let me...

Feb 28, 2010

As I said, try to shoot emails or messages from a few links on the website. Then call up monday. If enough people do that they might become suspect that there was a serious failure with application gathering and they could be looking at a limited pool.

Mar 1, 2010

its a shit bank for ibd, just forget about it

Mar 3, 2010