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Hi guys...just got an invitation from Nomura for 2 interviews on the same day for IBD in HK...I dun think these are HR interviews as they need to schedule with bankers (I didnt go thru any of the psychometric tests/Hr interviews at the first hand)

Anyone knows sth about Nomura especially about its integration with Lehman's Asian operations? And do anyone of you know exactly about the whole assessment process for summer intern applications? Any help much appreciated!

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Feb 25, 2009

Got the same email, how come we only got the invitation now? I'm already done with final rounds and got my offers, lol

Feb 25, 2009

it's just one of my very few recent invites...
mind sharing what sorts of offers that u've got?

Feb 25, 2009

IBD but not in HK... u?

Mar 2, 2009

how long did you guys wait before got a interview email? I am applying to Nomura Shanghai but have heard from them yet

Mar 6, 2009

roughly a month or less

Mar 6, 2009