Non-big 4 TAS in SG vs. Small M&A Boutique in Malaysia

Hi guys, probably asked a lot in this forum, however I am struggling with this career-changing decision. I am a Big 4 ACCA-qualified Auditor with <2 years experience with currently 2 offers in a Non-big 4 (think Crowe, GT, BDO) TAS in SG vs. a small M&A Boutique in KL (5-6 people, good deal flow, albeit smaller sized deals (RM10-20mil), but the MD is quite well connected).

The SG TAS role definitely pays better right off the bat dollar to dollar, however may not give me the relevant experience for M&A/ IBD. The small boutique will likely give me end-to-end exposure on deals, albeit on smaller sizes, but regardless still relevant IBD experience and client engagement and interaction.

I am ultimately seeking to move to SG/AU/UK anyway, for the higher pay, exposure and career advancement. My current plan is to get relevant M&A exposure and move to perhaps Big4 Corp finance/ larger boutiques either in SG or KL.

Would just like to get some traction or advise on this.


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Sep 15, 2021 - 3:12am

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