Non-recurring items

Probably a stupid question but here we go - is there a quick way to find all non-recurring items in an annual report?

I just find it takes a lot of time (too much for every comp) because every company does it differently - some list it separately in the P&L (best case), some have a dedicated note, some don't have anything and then I go to impairment / M&A notes if they exist.

Do you guys have some Ctrl-F checklist you go through, do you just know by heart which companies report it how or do you just not care and go through every note?

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Apr 30, 2015

Not a stupid question. Not sure about your situation but my first thought would be to ask the senior analysts in your group what they search for as they will likely know and a lot of it can be industry group specific.

If you can't do that, it sucks but it is worth it to go through each comp one time and get a sense of how they note everything. Then just leave cell comments in your comps which have the key terms for each item that you find. That way next time it'll be much, much faster. You'll also figure out what items are common among your comps which should speed things up after the first 1 or 2.


Apr 30, 2015