Non-Target, Bad Work Experience, About to be a Junior...HELP!

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Hi all,

So basically, I have a huge interest in consulting, but I've really screwed myself over my first two years. I don't go to a target for any worthwhile firms (and yes, this includes firms outside of MBB, but my school blows hard and transferring won't be an option due to finances), my work experience is terrible (1 summer in IT, this summer, I'll either work at a bank in risk management or I'll have to work at my uncle's small consulting firm), and so my chances of getting into MBB are basically nil for next year's summer. The only upside is that I have an OK GPA (3.7, but its in finance/accounting so nothing great).

However, despite all this, I am still very determined to break into the industry at some point, so I was wondering, especially since a SA at a good firm is unlikely, what would you do if you were in my position? I'm totally fine with starting off somewhere else and then moving into consulting elsewhere, or else, my family in India may have contacts that I could look at (and in case you're wondering, my network in the US sucks as most of my family is here, and almost nobody at my school works at a good firm and the few I talked to weren't very helpful). But yeah, any tips, or is all hope lost?


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Jul 23, 2010