Non-Target GPA/experience requierments?

UConn Undergrad graduating early in December 2019 with a double major in math/econ. Expected GPA by end of this semester ~3.6. Doing a ratings agency internship in NYC this summer. Created a club my freshman year. Didn't do much else except work bc im poor.

How difficult will it be for me to break in? How should I take advantage of being in NYC this summer? Interested in IB/Corp banking/equity research

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Apr 9, 2019 - 5:43pm

IB is going to be a very difficult path right now due to GPA/experience/timing, but could be something to pursue after an MBA. Corporate banking is less cutthroat to get into, equity research is a little less difficult than IB but still very competitive. I would focus on those two.

Best way to break in is network. Cold email every Uconn alum you can find working in finance, and then another 200 non-Uconn. With your profile I would focus on smaller, boutique banks, they will be more open to a January start date and will be less strict with GPA/internships than your big banks. Meet anyone for coffee while you're in NYC. Lots of threads on networking and coffee chats, so check those out.


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