Non Target MBA Career Pivot-- Advice

Hi all, 

What I am looking to do is make a career change into finance in order of priority of:

  1.  IB Associate programs
  2.  IB analyst programs
  3.  M&A analyst roles
  4.  Corp Fin / other FLDP's/ financial consulting (a "if nothing else pans out" option)

My background 26yo:

  • Undergrad big state school BSBA ops management
  • Went to fortune 50 company into manufacturing leadership program (~3 yrs experience since)
  • Started mba finance part time with a non target so I could finance it myself (hindsight tells me that was a mistake)
  • Enlisted into the air national guard in tech job to serve and learn a new skill (IT)
  • Set to graduate may 2022 3.9 gpa, working on getting SIE knocked out, taking some IB courses on Udemy, reading Rosenbaum and pearl's book

My concern: it's do or die. My understanding is that if I don't secure a FT opportunity this recruiting cycle, being on the older end of the spectrum might inhibit future IB opportunities if I pivot into a finance gig to try and secure some experience first. I have been diligently networking and studying in preparation, but I have reasonable suspicion that employers seeing a non target, non experience related candidate are more so on the reluctant end in perceiving me as a viable candidate. I'm telling you right now I'm a work horse and I believe I embody the can do attitude employers want (+social skills), but everyone wants that hard resume experienced proof (source: intuition). I am not above going into an analyst position first, but I don't think that notion registers well with employers either. 

WSO: I ask of you to give some assessment of my viability and perhaps recommend some paths to pursue to either enhance candidacy or preparing a contingent plan if IB doesn't pan out this time around. I am by no means signaling defeat; however, I need to have a back up plan because I MUST have a new job by May 2022. I need to take steps towards a finance career and work on steps to un-pigeon-hole myself (no thanks to 20yo who was not well thought out at the time). Side note: Corp dev appeals to me. I was thinking that if I do not make IB this time around, I set myself up to gather some key experiences and maybe in 3-4 years apply to corp dev roles. Thoughts?

I appreciate any and all advice, help, and perspectives you may have to offer. Turning to WSO because slicing through information on google searches and youtube are no longer doing it for me. 

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Nov 20, 2021 - 8:12am

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