Non-target - Why is it a bad idea to get a second bachelors?

My story is like most other non-targets I learned everything too late. I did well in high school 4.0 gpa, 1970/2400 on the old sat. Instead of going to the semi-targets I was accepted to, think Wake Forest. I went to an school ranked in the bottom quarter of the top 100 because they gave me a substantial scholarship and I thought that being in the top 100 was all that mattered. I didn't even study business. I studied a humanities subject (english, philosophy, sociology.. I know). I graduated magna cum laude in 2019 and have a job I don't like, in a field I do not like. I always thought venture capital was interesting, but failed to realize what I needed to do to get in. It seems that in a competitive field like this there isn't much room for mistakes. I am wondering if the best way to fix my mistake is to go back for the correct bachelors. There are semi-targets that allow second degree candidates. It would cost about $100k. I have no debt from my first one and would be 25 when graduating with the second bachelors. Which isn't extremely old. I've read other posts on here saying that getting a second bachelors is a bad idea, but can anyone explain why?


Is it the time commitment? It would only take me two years. Two years for a lifetime of a job I don't hate doesn't sound bad. The only other way I can spend those two years is working this job I don't like. I have tried to get jobs to inch closer, but you saw what my major was I don't have options.


Is it the money? 100k is a lot of money, but I am miserable. If this is what it costs to have the credentials needed to compete for what I want it feels worth it. I didn't make the right choice the first time because of money. I don't want to do that again.


Is it because it looks too weird? This is the one I am concerned about. It certainly isn't traditional, but is it weird to the point that people won't hire me or consider me?  I don't know how to determine that.


Yes, I could get a masters, but won't my resume always be brought down by my non-target and non-business undergrad? I don't have enough work experience for a MBA, and can't seem myself doing this for 3 more years to get the 5 years needed for top MBAs.


Why is it such a bad idea? I really want to understand what the argument is against it.

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  • Prospect in IB-M&A
Dec 14, 2020 - 3:57pm

I'm not an expert by any means (hence the prospect tag), but I think a Masters in Finance might be a better choice for you. It's more inclined towards people with subpar undergrad credentials and people that don't have much work experience. Only go for a top program though.

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