Non Target/Non Finance background - Senior Manager - no internships/no networking/No Diversity scheme

One of the most interesting topics I constantly refer to on here are the stories of those who have become successful, by their own reckoning. Side note ( Also closely follow  posts on women's fashion in finance and perversely track Richard the 2/3/4/5 through their various incarnations).

My own story is one that I have seen repeated again and again in industry, the ability to push through from a non traditional background, if you have the stamina and can clearly demonstrate how your thinking can  deliver to the bottom line. 

I started out in a different focusing on Data and technology, was promoted quickly and continuously and decided to break into finance 3 years ago. Through out it all I found that developing a core specialisation in a vital subject. A subject which every business needs to understand and incorporate, has significantly smoothed my path.

This not withstanding choosing roles that were difficult and demanded constant delivery as well as complex relationship management orgwide, was fundamentally exhausting but professionally advantageous.

My lack of 'prestige'  in the early days meant I faced wave after wave of rejections, my ability to communicate clearly and to demonstrate competence quickly  meant some doors were partially opened,  I propelled myself in through the open gap and marched on to where I am today (Which in the grand scheme of things is kind of middling but a hell of a lot further then anyone probably expected :) ).

If your from my kind of background ( working class) I'll tell you now, there are more routes to success then you can imagine but people like us will have to overcome, how we have been socialised, the lack of connections and the dismissive response our colleagues will have to us initially before they get to know our work.

But I tell you something, its possible all of it, if you have the raw talent, the intellectual fire power or just a robust work ethic and a capacity to learn and deliver, you'll be fine.

I'll tell you straight, there is so much hope in the world and opportunity, my road was a winding one, yours might be to, you'll get there, crack on. 

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